Areas of Focus

Areas I work in:

  • Stress Relief / Relaxation
  • Motivation
  • Breaking Bad Habits (Nail Biting, etc.)
  • Preparation for Major Exams (Certifications, SATs, Bar Exam)
  • Overcoming Mental Blocks
  • Career Changes
  • Public Speaking
  • Fears / Phobias (Fear of Needles, Flying, Heights, Driving, Insects, etc)
  • Fitness Goals
  • Sports and Performance
  • Confidence / Self-esteem
  • Reprogramming Negative Thinking Habits

Career Changes

Many people aspire to advance in their career, or change tracks completely, but fear making the change and feel stuck in a rut. I work with people to inspire and transform their lives from the inside out, clarifying their goals and helping to develop the courage to take steps toward those goals to live a more fulfilling life.

For people who wish to advance in their career and move to the next level, but lack the confidence to move forward, hypnosis can help strengthen confidence and self esteem, helping them reach their full potential.

For those who find themselves in a career they don’t enjoy, dreaming of another vocation while feeling frustrated and unable to make a change, working with hypnosis can help clarify those goals and charter a course to a vocation which makes use of an inner reservoir of skill, talent and energy that is waiting to be tapped.

Exam Preparation

Many people have trouble absorbing or remembering information when preparing for a major exam. Other people have no trouble learning but freeze up while taking the exam and their scores are negatively impacted. Hypnosis can help you retain, recall, focus, and remain calm, helping you achieve better results.

Fears & Phobias

There are many fears, such as fear of flying, fear of insects, fear of driving, fear of the dark, fear of change, and countless other seemingly irrational fears that can interfere with quality of life. Frequently, these fears are lodged deep within the subconscious mind, so while the person understands on an intellectual level that the fear is irrational, they simply cannot get past it. Working with hypnosis, those irrational fears can be resolved and laid to rest, once and for all, often with amazing ease.

Performance Enhancement

Many people experience nervousness and fear of performing, be it in a job interview, public speaking, entertainment or sports competitions. While feeling some adrenaline before a performance is normal and even desirable, excessive nervousness can negatively impact performance when it causes a person to “freeze up” at show time. Hypnosis is extremely effective for reducing or eliminating fear of performance, freeing you to perform with confidence and enhanced focus. Hypnosis has been popular in professional sports for several decades for this reason.

Stress Relief / Relaxation

Hypnosis is highly effective for those who wish to maintain a more relaxed state in their daily life. Being relaxed reduces stress so the body returns to a more balanced, restful state. Over time, this more relaxed way of life can release your body of the symptoms caused by stress, significantly improving quality of life.

Hypnosis works quickly to induce a deeply relaxed state wherein suggestions are provided to promote improved rest, an enhanced sense of calmness, and relaxation in daily life. The effects of hypnosis for stress relief and relaxation are tangible and considerable.

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