What To Expect

What to Expect in Your First Session:

You can expect your first session to be one to two hours long (as scheduled). It includes information gathering, completion of paperwork (disclaimer form and Client Bill of Rights), and will answer any questions you have about the process. Together, we will clarify your goals, discuss what changes you wish to see and create personalized suggestions for your hypnosis session.

The actual hypnosis part of the session includes an “induction”, and upon reaching a state of hypnosis, the positive suggestions and images we created together are presented to the subconscious mind in a way that can be readily accepted for the purpose of positive change.

A skilled hypnotist will craft suggestions that are custom fit to the way you think, to the unique way in which you process information and learn. Those are the aspects of your unique self  that will motivate you toward success.

After the First Session:

You will be provided with a personalized recording (CD or Mp3) and will be encouraged to practice self hypnosis by listening to the recording, repetition will further enforce the effectiveness of the hypnosis.

For many people, there are significant, profound changes in just one or two sessions.

Of course, exact results can’t be guaranteed by any practitioner, and some material needs more time and depth of scope, for example, preparation for a bar exam, which would require both study skills and relaxation and focus, retention and recall for the actual test taking itself.  So, while many people attain their goals in just one or two visits, it is not uncommon to have several visits when making major life changes.

Working with a professional ensures that the techniques used will be appropriate to your goals.

You determine when your goals are met. Most people find hypnosis to be very relaxing and pleasant, even when dealing with personal matters. While it’s normal to be nervous before a first session, people come to look forward to their sessions as a relaxing and enjoyable time for their self.

Most people quickly develop an appreciation for the vast potential, possibilities, and power of hypnosis to change their lives for the better. It’s common for people to identify new goals they wish to achieve, or other habits they wish to overcome, with the use of hypnosis.

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