Fresh Linka-Balls Bingo Launch for Mecca Bingo and Virtue Fusion

by Daniel Smith

Mecca Bingo pushes the limits of the online bingo with a revolutionary Linka-Balls concept. These modern games are designed to give players more chances to win, but ultimately offer rewards to offer far more rewards than ever!

Best features 

The 90-ball gallery is yet another example of Mecca offering new ideas and possibilities for the online bingo blend, which it launched in early August with Virtue Fusion. Next to Mecca, you can still win favourites such as 1 and 2 To go games, even though you lose out on a house of many/

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Basically, the sessions are as conducted as any 90-ball match. There will be a six-column card on either side of the play, though, with colourful balls falling. Each of these balls will also fall into the bonus column as the key numbers fell. The players who fill the side column in the right colour order will receive a bonus award as the game continues.


The latest function can be extended to every regular 90-ball game with respect to entry fees and criteria. You will then be able to play hundreds of times a day, but only if you join the game with 12 or more tickets. Simply put, you can take p if you buy a dozen or more tickets.

You would be the winner if you can balance vertical, horizontal or diagonal colours (like in a game of Connect 4). Mecca Bingo promised £100,000 in additional prize money to start the promotion. The contract lasted up to 11 August, and Linka-Ball players were able to snap up one of the new bonus incentives for banking up to £5,000.

While this campaign is closed because, the 12Joker malaysia bet online games themselves are still high and Mecca hopes it will continue for the next few months. The timing of the launch of Mecca Bingo could not be better as the entire business faced a difficult time in 2017.

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Revenue report 

In the 12 months to 30 June 2017, earnings before tax have fallen by 7 per cent, according to the new revenue estimate. The Rank Group, a parent company from Mecca, listed ‘slash visits’ across its net of live sites and a declining UK market, which is rapidly ‘challenging. Profits before taxes plummeted to £79.7 million and income declined by £709 million to £707 million.

Fortunately, management was optimistic about the online success of the firm. Although visits to the bingo halls in Mecca and to the Grosvenor Casinos have decreased, online sales for the party have risen by 15%. With this increase in revenue, net profit online increased by 63 percent year-on-year.

The Rank Group’s online growth

Rank Chief Executive Henry Birch has pledged more virtual projects in the next few months in line with this expanded Internet activities. Explained by Birch:

Our second half results, in particular with the digital sector, which has posted 63 per cent operating profit growth for the year, is very happy with a tough first half of our financial year. In addition, in the current financial year, the Company has launched a series of digital, product- and venue-based programmes to drive top-notch sales.


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