Which Casino Delivers Constant Deposit Bonuses?

by Daniel Smith

If you’ve used up all your deposit bonuses and are sitting around waiting for the next promotional window, don’t worry: Casino BET-AT.EU will help you deposit more funds into your account right now.

20% Deposit Bonus

Thanks to Casino BET-AT.EU, players who have used up all of their deposit bonuses, or who are already out of the promotional period, are now eligible to receive a 20% deposit bonus of up to a maximum amount of 200 euros in each deposit. Therefore, there will not be a single time when you do not increase your account funds.

In order to take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is simply select the “PLUS 20 Match” option in the bonus menu on the cashier page. Please note that you can only choose one bonus casino for each deposit, so PLUS 20 Match is more convenient to use when there is no other bonus of a higher value.

Winagram Continues

Another of BET-AT.EU’s main promotions that will continue until June, is the Winagram promotion, in which players who post a screenshot of their biggest earnings on affiliate sites will enter the race to see those earnings doubled to a value of 250 euros, dollars, or pounds. Even if you are not selected, you can be chosen at random to win a 50 euro bonus.

Players must post their screenshots on the Bigwin website or on Facebook. To make a screenshot on your computer, just open the window you want to capture, press the “Ctrl” button and at the same time the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard, then just paste and send it by email to Bigwin.

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